provides legal products and 
services that transform ideas into valuable assets

Transformative doesn’t make or sell turbines, but, functioning like a turbine for ideas, Transformative facilitates transformation of ideas into assets.

Transformative excels at creating opportunities and addressing issues at the intersection of law and innovation including:

               * Intellectual property including patents, trade secrets, and trademarks

               * Licensing, collaboration agreements, and other contracts

               * Due diligence for deals and new business ventures

               * Legal, regulatory, and technical competitive intelligence

               * Regulatory requirement submissions and compliance

               * Corporate formation and financing, including joint ventures

Broad Skills and Experience

Always Ready to Rapidly Master New Fields

Transformative‘s team has skill and experience in diverse fields, ranging from life sciences/biotechnology to branding/advertising; chemistry and pharmaceuticals to mechanical devices (consumer and industrial goods, medical devices, and manufacturing systems); software and information systems to environmental technologies; and plant and animal agriculture products and methods to artistic creations (music, paintings, and other forms of expression).

Transformative‘s broad range of experience also provides the ability to rapidly understand, master, and apply knowledge in novel areas of technology and creativity, critical to assisting innovators working at the cutting edge of any field.

Transformative’s products are defined legal tools that address unmet needs in legal services or create unique business assets for innovators

Transformative’s world class legal services stand apart from traditional law firms in terms of choice, quality and value

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