6 Weeks of Transformation

Transformative at ACI’s Due Diligence Summit
November 8, 2017
March 7, 2018

6 Weeks of Transformation

Transformative Launch Update

6 weeks since Transformative launched!  While anyone who has ever launched a business knows the daunting challenges start-ups face in the first year, we can thankfully say: so far, so good.

We have received a wide variety of work from clients reaching out based on past relationships, added a handful of new clients, and are in ongoing discussions with several companies about potential future projects.  The immediate welcome reception has validated the rationale behind our decision to launch Transformative – there is a market for high value, alternative approaches to legal services.

The Transformative team has also grown.  We added a technical advisor, one on-call counsel, two paralegals, and are in discussions with additional attorneys.

Of course, we have had to jump a few hurdles:  getting IT systems in place, project management systems implemented, and gaining access to tools and resources to ensure we can make our value-based model work for both our team and our clients.  Our friends and mentors tell us that this is the nature of building a different kind of start-up.  Despite these ups and downs, we are happy with the ground we’ve covered in our first 6 weeks and send our thanks to our clients who have placed their trust in us.

Starting a business can be difficult and sometimes a little scary.  But six weeks in, we can gratefully say we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  We’ll provide our next update on the company at the end of our first quarter.