About Transformative’s News & Views


Our aim in providing Transformative’s News & Views is to make staying current with changes in the areas of law which impact innovators more efficient and effective for our clients and community.  In other words, we hope to transform the process of staying up to date with changes in legal strategy through our News & Views.  We also use Transformative’s News & Views as a forum for keeping our clients and potential clients up to date on the latest developments at Transformative.

We are not looking to compete with the many excellent sources of news that already exist in the legal community.  Rather, we closely review those sources of information every week and draw from them in preparing updates, summaries, and analyses for News & Views.  We provide our synthesis of the key issues and changes in the law taken from these sources along with our own original content designed to help guide clients and potential clients in understanding complex legal terms and processes.

A list of some of the resources we look to most often is provided below.  We thank the authors and teams that provide these services for their contribution to innovators and to Transformative.