Transformative’s mission is to transform how innovators interface with law for the better

We provide products and services not offered by traditional law firms and we work in a way that separates Transformative from such firms.

We do this by providing excellent analysis, strategy, and work product; aligning our incentives with our clients’ interests whenever possible; focusing on substance to act efficiently; communicating clearly; and offering choice in our service models and products.

Through our unique approach, products, and business model, we provide innovators with an alternative to traditional law firms.

Transformative launched in fall 2017 on a 20-year foundation of legal and intellectual property law practice.  Learn more about our team and philosophy, as well as our love of turbines, below.

Quality and Value

Transformative is committed to providing innovators with best-in-class legal services at reasonable prices.

This does not mean that Transformative is a low-cost service provider.  Transformative’s goal is not to be the least expensive; but to provide the best value.  Aligning goals with those of clients, Transformative works to provide effective, reliable, and efficient solutions.

Transformative Vision

Transformative’s vision is to positively change the relationship between innovators and legal processes.  The four elements of our vision are Transformation (changing the nature of the client/firm relationship), Efficiency (focusing our work and communication on what matters), Agility (offering both flexibility and affordability), and Mutuality (aligning our incentives with our clients’ goals).

Our Team & Leadership

Transformative‘s team is comprised of top notch technical advisors and paralegals that we pair with experienced counsel.  Co-founder and Principal Counsel, Len S. Smith, brings more than 20 years experience leading legal/IP functions for cutting edge companies and has been repeatedly recognized as a top attorney in technology law.  Under his leadership we are working to build the best team in the industry.

Why All the Windmills?

Selecting a symbol for a business that builds intangible assets can be challenging. Transformative’s products and services enable innovators to transform ideas into valuable assets and energize business. Wind turbines are a modern technology that can sustainably transform wind into useful energy. We can’t imagine a better symbol for what we are and what we do.

Find Out More About What Sets Transformative Apart

Transformative’s T.E.A.M. philosophy guides our actions.  Learn more here about how Transformative‘s four main principles allow it to stand apart from traditional legal service providers.

We’re Hiring!

Transformative is always on the lookout for driven, creative, team-oriented, and principled attorneys, agents, technical advisors, and paralegals.  If you want to join a dynamic team and help us build an organization that will provide incredible value to innovators, send an introduction to connect@transformative.legalTransformative offers flexible hours, telecommuting, and great opportunities for professional and economic growth.  Both employee and contractual inquiries are welcome.