It’s About to Go Down!

Transformative’s Patent News Funnel #3
June 26, 2018
One Great Year is A Lot to be Grateful For
November 20, 2018

It’s About to Go Down!

Join Len Smith, Transformative’s Principal Counsel and Co-Founder at the ACI Due Diligence Conference in Boston, November 29th and 30th

It’s about to go down!… A ringside seat watching battle tested, aggressive IP attorneys duke it out on the cold hard streets of Boston next week, courtesy of ACI.

On a more serious note, Transformative ‘s Principal Counsel and Co-Founder Len Smith is excited to be participating in the second ACI Life Sciences Due Diligence Conference in Boston, MA November 29th and 30th. The conference offers an agenda full of top diligence experts sharing best practices and strategies for executing a proper IP due diligence analysis delivered in a highly interactive and engaging forum.  

Please join Transformative’s Len Smith as he participates in a real time mock due diligence session with a superb group of in-house and top notch law firm attorneys including Jennifer Zarutskie Sieczkiewicz of Wave Life Sciences, Gary Speier (Carlson Caspers), Matt Blischak of Roivant, Alysia A. Finnegan of Merck, as well as Tom Irving, Ha Kung Wong, and Mercedes K. Meyer.  The session promises to be heated and informative, with opportunities to learn about ways to improve both your own portfolio and that of potential targets.

Come witness the sparks fly…and pick up ethics credits along the way.  It’s only about one week away, but it’s not too late to register. We hope to see you there!