Announcing the Launch of Transformative

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September 26, 2017
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October 17, 2017

Announcing the Launch of Transformative

We’re Introducing A Different Kind of Legal Services Organization


Beginning October 2, 2017, Transformative is open for business to new clients.  The organization stands as an alternative to traditional law firms and low-cost service providers.  The organization will assist innovators primarily in dealing with IP, contract, corporate, and regulatory issues.


Transformative’s History

Transformative started as a very selective “friends and family” legal practice headed up by Principal Counsel, Len S. Smith.  Len has represented innovative companies and individuals for over twenty years with a focus on IP, deals, and regulatory matters.  Over the last four years while steadily building Transformative, Len has used the skills and experience he acquired during his career to assist some of his closest connections in building valuable portfolios of legal assets and navigating complex legal challenges through Transformative.  While working on these matters it became increasingly apparent to Len that there was a need for alternative business models for innovation-related legal matters.


With his recent departure from innovative biotechnology company, Heliae, Len has committed to focus all his efforts towards offering innovators unique alternatives in building portfolios of legal assets and addressing legal issues by committing his efforts to Transformative.  Len is co-founding the company with skilled technical advisor collaborators who are assisting him part-time for the remainder of 2017.  Transformative expects to onboard these individuals as employees of Transformative next year.  Transformative is also in discussions with several experienced paralegals about joining the organization.  Transformative expects to grow quickly and is actively looking to further expand the team.


About Transformative

Transformative seeks to change (transform) the way innovators deal with legal issues by offering alternatives to traditional legal models.  Transformative will offer unique legal products that address currently unmet needs and/or that offer new vehicles for adding value for innovators.  The organization will primarily focus on the areas of the law that matter most to innovators: intellectual property, contracts/deals, regulatory affairs, and corporate matters.


Learn More

Potential clients and employees are encouraged to get in touch with Transformative by sending an email to


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