Transformative designs and provides legal products that fulfill needs unmet by traditional law firms and/or that provide new ways for innovators to take advantage of the opportunities and navigate the risks that arise at the interface of law and technology.

Transformative’s products are defined, unique legal programs.  Each provide high value opportunities or best in class risk management processes for clients.  A high-level summary of lead products is provided below.

Product List and Brief Summary

Traditional patent prosecution puts all of the risk on the innovator rather than the law firm.  The process is also loaded with hidden transactional costs.  Transformative’s Aligned Patent product is a specialized patent drafting and prosecution strategy in which Transformative aligns its financial incentives to those of clients in a unique way.  By taking on part of the risk of the patenting process, Transformative ensures full investment in achieving the right outcome, quickly.

Patent protection is under more pressure than ever before.  As such, trade secret protection is more valuable than ever.  Traditionally, trade secret valuation has been uncertain as there has been no standardized way of assessing the strength of a claim of trade secret rights.  Transformative’s Trade Secret Certification product provides a standard platform for assessing trade secret protection and ensures that clients have taken the steps to secure this form of intellectual property.  Transformative’s Trade Secret Certification acts as a validated asset that can be used in deals with investors, licensees, and others.

Most deals do not provide expected returns and others fall apart before completion when issues arise late in negotiation.  A key reason for these issues is the failure to perform adequate due diligence and to conduct the right steps at the right time.  Transformative’s GS (Gold Standard) Due Diligence product is a three-step, fixed fee due diligence process for potential transactions that uncovers the most important issues upfront, identify potential “deal killers” quickly, and serves to effectively shape the terms of any related transaction.

Many companies do not have a good handle on the strengths and weaknesses of their own IP portfolio because they have not had an experienced evaluator take an objective look.  Unfortunately this means that issues and opportunities are not identified often until it is too late.  Transformative’s IP Health Check is a thorough internal audit designed to examine the health of an IP portfolio for a company, strategic business unit, or product line.  This program can identify problems, gaps, and opportunities early, providing clarity and value.

Intellectual property issues and opportunities do not arise in a vacuum.  Third party rights may pose risks or opportunities, and third party actions may be infringing.  However, organizations typically lack the tools to efficiently and effectively monitor the IP landscape.  Transformative’s Landscape Monitors provide a regular report on the relevant landscape based on regularly updated criteria, generated through Transformative’s IP search and analytical capabilities.


Accessing our Products / Confidentiality

Access to our products is limited to clients that have a confidentiality agreement with Transformative. Why require clients to enter a confidentiality agreement to access Tranformative’s products? Transformative’s unique legal products, developed over considerable time and employing our expert strategies, represent a key commercial advantage for Transformative. Just as we advise our clients, we use confidentiality agreements to protect our most valuable intellectual property. The content of our work remains the property of our client, but the unique strategy and form of our products is proprietary to Transformative.