Services by Transformative

Transformative provides a wide range of services to allow innovators to turn innovation into value.  Whether acquiring intellectual property (IP), providing the tools to license or sell IP, fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, or guiding innovators through third party rights and governmental roadblocks, Transformative has the legal and technical expertise to help.

Our Service Philosophy

Transformative’s service philosophy is simple: consistently provide value to our clients. Transformative makes world class legal services affordable by staffing project teams with both technical advisors and an expert attorney.  We also build our focus into our business model, linking staff compensation directly with the health of our client relationships and by offering a money-back guarantee on our work.

Flexible Service Models

Clarity and choice are cornerstones of Transformative’s services. Clients can elect between (1) project-fee, (2) retainer, and (3) billable hour models.  Under project billing, services are performed for a set fee and our retainer model makes resources regularly available for any needs that arise.  Where we work under billable hours we manage fees through estimates, milestones, and reporting.