Transformative Clients: Temple Therapeutics

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September 26, 2017
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October 20, 2017

Transformative Clients: Temple Therapeutics

Temple Therapeutics, Transformative Legal

Transformative Expands Relationships with Temple Therapeutics

One of the best things about Transformative for us is the ability to focus on interesting projects with friends and colleagues, expanding relationships that have developed over the years.

An excellent example of this is working with colleagues Sanj Singh, Lynne Robertson, M.S., Ph.D. and the team at Temple Therapeutics.

Temple is developing very promising IP and technology across different fields and formats that will help patients in areas of unmet needs.  Beyond their impact potential, another reason that working with Temple is rewarding is that Sanj and Lynne are always focused on building and maintaining successful collaborations.  They leverage the synergies arising from those collaborations to develop new products and advance discoveries which will ultimately help people.

Transformative is honored to be associated with Temple.  We look forward to continuing to help the team position itself for future success.


Pursuing our Mission


Helping clients like Temple is directly in line with Transformative’s mission: to positively impact the intersection of law and innovation and to transform great ideas into valuable assets for our clients.