provides legal products and 
services that transform ideas into valuable assets

We excel at handling opportunities and issues at the intersection of law and innovation including:

               * Intellectual property including patents, trade secrets, and trademarks

               * Licensing, collaboration agreements, and other contracts

               * Due diligence for deals and new business ventures

               * Legal, regulatory, and technical competitive intelligence

               * Regulatory requirement submissions and compliance

               * Corporate formation and financing, including joint ventures


Broad Technical Skills and Experience

Our team has broad experience and skills in fields ranging from life sciences/biotechnology to branding/advertising; chemistry/pharmaceuticals to mechanical devices (consumer and industrial goods, medical devices, and manufacturing systems); software and information systems to environmental technologies; and plant and animal agriculture products and methods to artistic creations (music, paintings, and other forms of expression).

Transformative’s mission is to transform how innovators interface with law for the better

We provide products and services not offered by traditional law firms and we work in a way that separates Transformative from such firms.

We do this by providing excellent analysis, strategy, and work product; aligning our incentives with our clients’ interests whenever possible; focusing on substance to act efficiently; communicating clearly; and offering choice in our service models and products.

Through our unique approach, products, and business model, we provide innovators with an alternative to traditional law firms

Transformative Products

Transformative’s products are defined legal tools that address unmet needs in legal services or create unique business assets for innovators

Transformative Services

Transformative’s world class legal services stand apart from traditional law firms in terms of choice, quality and value

Team, Turbines & Thinking

Here you can learn more about the team at Transformative, our philosophy, and what’s up with all the windmills